‘Yeah It’s Disgusting’: Barry Keoghan Shares His True Reaction To 'Saltburn’s' Viral Bathroom Water Scene, And Why He Had No Problem Filming It
  • 3 months ago
Spoilers ahead for "Saltburn."

Plenty of cinephiles are watching new movies, thanks to new releases in theaters as well as projects that have finally arrived on streaming. Emerald Fennell's "Saltburn" is in the latter category, with the wild dark comedy now available with an Amazon Prime subscription. For her part, Fennell trolled fans about its streaming release, joking that it was a perfect holiday movie for the whole family. Actor Barry Kegohan shared his true reaction to "Saltburn's" viral bathroom water scene, and why he had no problem filming it. Although he was quoted saying "yeah it's disgusting." I mean, was he wrong?

What we knew about "Saltburn" before its release was limited, and the movie packed plenty of wild twists-- especially related to Keoghan's character Oliver Quick and his obsession with Jacob Elordi's Felix. The actor spoke to Variety about the bath tub scene, sharing his perspective of the tub heard and seen around the world.