Walter Abt - Moonlight Sonata, Guitar (Live Performance Video)

il y a 4 mois
The first edition of the score is headed Sonata quasi una fantasia ("sonata almost a fantasy") as piano sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven, written in 1801. Many sources say that the nickname Moonlight Sonata arose after the German music critic and poet Ludwig Rellstab likened the effect of the first movement to that of moonlight shining upon Lake Lucerne: „The lake reposes in twilit moonshimmer [Mondenschimmer], muffled waves strike the dark shore; gloomy wooded mountains rise and close off the holy place from the world; ghostly swans glide with whispering rustles on the tide, and an Aeolian harp sends down mysterious tones of lovelorn yearning from the ruins.“

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