Yves Dupuis - Mozart Brain Power Piano Music - Official Video

"Mozart Brain Power Music" presents an enchanting collection of Mozart's major compositions, played by French pianist Yves Dupuis. The album is crafted for a worldwide mainstream audience, and features some of Mozart's most beloved works, including the iconic "Turkish March", "Eine kleine Nachtmusik," "Sonatine Viennoise", a few Minuets and other Allegros that exude elegance and charm. The power of Mozart's music lies in its remarkable ability to engage and stimulate the brain. Studies have shown that listening to Mozart's compositions can have a positive impact on cognitive functions, memory, and focus. This phenomenon, known as the "Mozart effect," highlights the brain-boosting properties of his melodies. The intricate harmonies, intricate rhythms, and precise structures in Mozart's music activate various regions of the brain, fostering neural connections and promoting mental agility. Whether it's the energizing beats of the "Turkish March" or the soothing melodies of "Eine kleine Nachtmusik," each piece offers a unique cognitive experience. The combination of Mozart's timeless music and Yves Dupuis' skillful rendition proves that the beauty of classical music knows no boundaries, and its profound impact on the brain is a gift to be treasured and celebrated by a worldwide mainstream audience

Yves Dupuis : Piano
Frank Tassy : Recording Engineer
Produced by Philippe Gaviglio for Wnts. Corp

Copyright P & C Wnts 2023

Find the album here :
Spotify https://bit.ly/43Zf3hD
iTunes https://bit.ly/454UmSm
Amazon https://bit.ly/3DuEw7N
Deezer https://bit.ly/475Q4vG

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1 00:00 Allegro KV 545
2 03:11 Turkish March
3 06:26 Petite Musique de nuit
4 07:11 Theme Concerto pour Piano KV 467
5 09:10 Theme et Variations KV 331
6 17:01 Sonatine Viennoise
7 19:38 Menuet KV 1d
8 20:10 Menuet KV 1e
9 21:27 Menuet KV 1f
10 22:13 Menuet KV 2
11 23:22 Valse Favorite
12 24:31 Menuet KV 5
13 25:40 Andante KV 6.2
14 29:03 Menuet I KV 6
15 29:58 Menuet II KV 6
16 31:25 Menuet KV 7
17 32:42 Ariette
18 33:50 Allegro KV 3
19 34:48 Adagio KV 332
20 39:11 Andante Cantabile KV 330
21 45:07 Allegro KV 332
22 55:10 Allegro KV 1b
23 55:29 Allegro KV 1c

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