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Chicken, Vegetable, Egg Fried Rice Recipe | Easy Simple and So Delicious| By Zani’s Kitchen Secrets

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Chicken, Vegetable, Egg Fried Rice Recipe | Easy Simple and So Delicious| By Zani’s Kitchen Secrets

Chicken Fried Rice is a delicious full course meal from Chinese cuisine. It is cooked with rice, some healthy green vegetables, chicken chunks, Eggs. Fluffy and aromatic egg fried rice is a crowd pleaser. A hearty meal on the go and a satisfying dinner after a hard day at work. Chicken fried rice is a take-out classic and an easy weeknight meal!


Chicken Boneless:(بون لس چکن) 1/2 kg
Rice: (چاول) 1 KG
Capsicum: (شملہ مرچ) 250 GM
Cabbage: (بند گوبھی) 250 GM
Carrot: (گاجر) 250 GM
Potato: (آلو) 250 GM
Mater Peas: (مٹر) 250 GM
Ginger, Garlic Paste: (لہسن ادرک پیسٹ) 2 TBSP
Cooking Oil: (کو کنگ آئل) 1 CUP
Eggs: (انڈے) 4
White Pepper: (سفید مرچ) 1 TBSP
Lemon Juice: (لیمن جوس) 1 TBSP
Turmeric Powder: (ہلدی پاوڈر) 1/2 TSP
Vinegar: (سرکہ) 1 TBSP
Soya Sauce: (سویا ساس) 1 TBSP
Salt: (نمک ) 1 TBSP
Green Chili: (سبز مرچ) 4
Salt: (نمک) 1/2 TSP
Cooking Oil: (کوکنگ آئل) 1 TBSP
Water: (پانی) 1/2 Cup

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