4 months ago

Victor Bout: Russian Arms trafficker,swapped by USA for Brittney Griner|Oneindia News*Explainer

A prisoner swap has taken place between USA and Russia. In this swap, US basket-ball player…Brittney Griner…was swapped for a man who has blood of innocents on his hands!This is rather an unusual prisoner swap because the usual norm is to exchange one person… or several high-value targets with another individual …or a group of high-value targets. Here…only one person fills that criteria. So…who exactly is this man…Victor Bout…also referred as the ‘Merchant of Death’..or the ‘Sanctions Buster’…And what makes him so important that USA agreed to release him in exchange for a basket-ball player….In this video, we bring to you the story of this man who has a reputation of blood-lust and who was among one of the world’s most wanted before his arrest in 2008. But before that, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to Oneindia.

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