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Coffee Break Series: Business Dinner, Part 4 | Pre Intermediate (v) | ChinesePod

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ChinesePod (Official)
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In China, having a meal with clients is not just eating. Everything is related to the business. That's why learning table manners is so important. In this lesson, we’re going to learn what we can say when making a toast. Let's get started!

Key Vocabulary:
感谢 - gǎnxiè - (express) thanks; gratitude; grateful
关照 - guānzhào - to take care; to keep an eye on; to look after
事事如意 - shìshìrúyì - to have all one's wishes (idiom); best wishes; all the best
祝吉祥话 - zhùjíxiánghuà - to wish; to express good wishes; to pray
干 - gān - to bottoms up
随意 - suíyì - as one wishes; according to one's wishes; at will
愉快 - yúkuài - cheerful; cheerily; delightful
指教 - zhǐjiào - to give advice or comments
为(某人/某事)干杯 - wèigānbēi - cheers to (someone / somebody)
举杯 - jǔbēi - to toast sb (with wine etc)
敬(某人) - jìng - cheers to (someone / somebody)
全体 - quántǐ - all
同仁 - tóngrén - colleague

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