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Cheng Yu: Strike While The Iron Is Hot in Chinese 打铁趁热 | Learn Mandarin with ChinesePod

ChinesePod (Official)
ChinesePod (Official)
In today's Coffee Time 成语 we learn how to say "Strike While the Iron Is Hot" Chinese - 打铁趁热. Please check the description below for subtitles and see how Gwilym and Kendrick could have improved their sentences.

1:56 我昨天面试很成功!
Wǒ zuótiān miànshì hěn chénggōng!
I had a really successful interview yesterday!

2:02 哦!真的吗!你要打铁趁热写*(一个)email给他们!
Ó! Zhēn de ma! Nǐ yào dǎtiě chèn rè xiě yīgè gěi tāmen!
Oh! Really? You should strike while the iron is hot and write them an email!
** Here Gwilym should have used 一封 for email. 封 is the measure word for letters and emails.**

2:11 我昨天约会很开心
Wǒ zuótiān yuēhuì hěn kāixīn
I had a really great date yesterday.

2:14 你应该打铁趁热*(给他打电话)
nǐ yīnggāi dǎtiě chèn rè gěi tā dǎ diànhuà
You should strike while the iron's hot and call her.
***Here Kendrick should have said 打电话给她***

Hope you guys enjoyed the episode and share your example sentences below!

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