2 months ago

This HYSTERICAL 'Walkie-Talkie Parking' prank is OUTRIGHT GENIUS!

This is the video to watch if you're looking for a good laugh today.

Featured behind the camera is Daniel Green, who has a walkie-talkie in hand and has strategically placed the second one atop a parking meter. Daniel is seated in his van, parked a few feet away from the machine.

He uses the aforementioned arrangement to pull a hysterical prank on Charlotte Lilley, a woman minding her own business and trying to use the machine to get parking permission.

The filmer tells Charlotte through the walkie-talkie that she's interacting with a facial recognition system. He then messes with her by asking her to turn around, step back, and whatnot, in order to get her ticket.

"This was the first time I tried this prank idea and it worked!" Daniel revealed to WooGlobe.
Location: Southport, England
WooGlobe Ref : WGA986012
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