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Top 10 Scump Moments Before Black Ops 4

Call Of Duty
Call Of Duty
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The former CoD World League champion and OpTic Gaming talisman isn't short of great plays in his esports career, but we've whittled them down to 10 of Scump's finest moments prior to the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

#10 OpTic Scump Clutches 1v3 OpTic Gaming vs. eUnited CWL Stage 2 Playoffs
#9 OpTic Scump Ace Stunner vs OpTic Gaming UMG Orlando 2015 Grand Finals
#8 OpTic Scump Killstreak OpTic Gaming vs Gosu Crew MLG Dallas Open 2017
#7 OpTic Scump Clutch 1v4 Play OpTic Gaming v. Stunner Gaming
#6 OpTic Scump 1v4 OpTic Gaming vs Orbit GG CoD World League Qualifier
#5 OpTic Scump Plays Capture OpTic Gaming v Evil Geniuses
#4 OpTic Scump Kill Streak OpTic vs EnVyUs CoD Champs 2014
#3 OpTic Scump 12 Killstreak OpTic Gaming vs Splyce Grand Final ESWC 2016
#2 OpTic Scump 5-5 OpTic vs. Complexity Call of Duty Champs 2013
#1 Scumpii Show + Scump Cross Map Kills With The Skorpion Unite vs OpTic Gaming



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