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TOP 10 Crimsix Moments Before Black Ops 4

Call Of Duty
Call Of Duty
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The 2 time #CoD World League champion and OpTic Gaming pro isn't short of crazy plays in his esports career, but we've whittled them down to a top 10 of Crimsix's best moments prior to the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

#1 Crimsix Clutches 1v3 vs OpTic Gaming at Fall Invitational Grand Finals
#2 Crimsix 6 Piece vs EnVyUs UGC Niagra 2014
#3 OpTic Crimsix 11 Killstreak OpTic Gaming vs Complexity Totinos Invitational Semi Finals
#4 Crimsix Clutch 1v2 vs FaZe 5-5 Pax Prime 2013 Semi Final
#5 OpTic Crimsix 11 Killstreak OpTic Gaming vs Apotheon eSports CWL NA Qualifier
#6 OpTic Crimsix Clutches 1v3 vs EnVyUs MLG Columbus 2014 Semi Finals
#7 OpTic Crimsix 1v4 OpTic vs Cloud9 MLG Anaheim 2016
#8 OpTic Crimsix Clutch 1v3 vs Aware Gaming at UMG Orlando 2015
#9 OpTic Crimsix Ace OpTic Gaming vs Kingsmen MLG Orlando 2016
#10 Crimsix Ace With Sniper against Vexx Gaming UGC Niagara



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