Lance Dreher Posing Routine - Mr. Olympia 1982

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Lance Dreher is a two-time Mr. Universe and former Mr. America. Dreher was born in Chicago, Illinois, on June 27, 1955. Dreher has placed in the top 3 of 10 professional body building championships. One of Lance's greatest body building features is his 23.5 inch biceps. After his last competition in 1992, Lance completed his PhD in Nutritional Counseling, is a certified life coach and National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee 2019.

Lance currently hosts a radio talkshow on KFYI called "Fitness Talk w/ Lance Dreher
Below is a list of all Competitions Lance has participated in:

Competition Place
1974 AU Teen Mr America 4th
1976 AAU Collegiate Mr America 1st
1977 AAU Mr America, Medium 9th
1980 AAU Mr. America, Heavyweight 3rd
1981 AAU Mr. America, Heavyweight 1st
1981 IFBB Mr Universe 1st
1981 NPC Gold's Classic, Heavyweight 3rd
1981 IFBB World Amateur Amateur Championships, Heaveyweight 1st
1981 IFBB World Amateur Amateur Championships, Overall 1st
1982 IFBB Olympia 15th
1983 IFBB Olympia 15th
1984 Mr. Universe (Pro) 3rd
1984 WABBA World Championships - Professional 3rd
1985 Mr. Universe (Pro) 3rd
1985 WABBA World Championships - Professional 5th
1986 Mr. Universe (Pro) 1st
1988 IFBB Chicago Pro Invitational 6th
1989 IFBB Arnold Classic 9th
1991 IFBB Musclefest Grand Prix 15th
1992 IFBB Chicago Pro 19th
Magazine Appearances
Publication Magazine
1982 February Num 97 Muscle Training Illustrated
1982 May Num 29 Muscle Mag International
1983 January Num 104 Muscle Training Illustrated
1983 July Vol 5, Num 17 Muscle and Bodybuilder
1983 September Health and Strength
1983 September Vol 42, Num 6 IronMan
1984 June Vol 21, Num 3 Muscular Development