Children Learn African Animals and African Wildlife Sounds with African Safari Animals for Kids

  • 2 years ago
Your kids will learn about African wildlife sounds and safari animals with the help of this educational movie. To show your children the safari animals, you do not need to take them on a safari in South Africa. In this little film, we present seventeen African savanna and jungle species. For more videos, visit the Kiddypedia channel at

Young youngsters find African wild creatures to be highly fascinating. Your children will learn about African animals rapidly thanks to animal sounds and high-quality films of actual animals, just as if you and your family had gone on an African safari.

If you're seeking for informative films for young children and babies, check out the Kiddypedia channel.
This video was produced using only HD versions of real animal videos. Your children will pick up animal sounds more rapidly thanks to this.

To aid bilingual parents and kids, we also added the names of the animals in 14 commonly spoken tongues. You may simultaneously teach your kids the animal noises and the names of African animals in a variety of languages.

Please let me know how your youngster feels about this video. I'm eager to hear feedback and likes. We welcome suggestions for enhancements.

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List of African animals:
0:06 Elephant
0:24 Lion
0:43 Giraffe
1:01 Chimpanzee
1:19 Zebra
1:37 Gorilla
1:55 Rhinoceros
2:13 Leopard
2:31 Hippopotamus
2:49 Cheetah
3:07 Crocodile
3:25 Lemur
3:43 Ostrich
4:02 Baboon
4:19 Meerkat
4:37 Hyena
4:56 Gazelle

All the videos listed below are licenced under CC BY.

Malelane Gate to Malelane private camp by road by InterProjects
Elephant at Animal Preserve in KSA by Mohamed Ghoneim
Elephants Parade by Bernard Dupont
Christopher the Lion at Franklin Park Zoo (January Edition) by baziliscus.
Giraffes at the San Diego Zoo (in HD) by MoneySavingVideos
Animals 01 - 4k res - Free Stock Footage by Mitch Martinez
Schimpanse Aggression by oschu1000
Beautiful Zebras in Singapore Zoo by
Mountain Gorilla Silverback by Didier Brouwers
Cute Gorilla Baby in Stuttgart Zoo
Rhino approaching car window, upclose by cinziaclc
Animals 10 - 4k res - Free Stock Footage by Mitch Martinez
Rhinoceros sounds(remade) by AlexTriceratops123
Leopard in Kruger Park, South Africa by Nicolas Vanhove
Amur Leopard by D