4K African Animals: Amazing Moments of Nxai Pan National Park With Real Sounds & ... Relaxing Nature In 4K-

  • 2 years ago
The African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) is a large
sub-Saharan African bovine. In the animal world we often
witness epic battles and, that between lions and buffaloes,
is certainly one of the most exciting.
But buffalo hunting is not so simple for lions; the buffalo, in
fact, has an impressive size and its large curved horns
inspire a certain fear, the force that it emanates when
attacking is incredible, moreover it is a very brave animal.
the buffalo has a huge power and could carry the lions on
the back until it reaches the herd and gets to safety.
The trauma after hunting can damage the lion's nerve.
leading to pain. this scene was recorded from Pilanesberg
national park in south Africa.
About This Video:- Is video me jangli janwaro ki ladai se hui
buri halat ko dikhaya gaya hai. aap jan payenge ke kis
tarike se janwaro ki sthiti bahut buri ho jati hai. aur kis
tarike se wild animal jungle me survive karte hai. Thank