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Carolina Cyclone Roller Coaster (Carowinds Theme Park - Charlotte, North Carolina) - Roller Coaster POV Video - Front Row - Classic Arrow Coaster

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Carolina Cyclone is an Arrow Dynamics roller coaster located at Carowinds in Charlotte, North Carolina. The coaster is located in the Carolina Boardwalk area of the park. Built in 1980 by world-renowned (and now defunct) coaster manufacturer Arrow Dynamics, it was the first roller coaster to have four inversions, two loops and two corkscrews.

The ride was originally painted with red-orange track and black supports, and later bluish-green track with black supports, and later with blue track and dark gray supports. For the 2010 season, a new paint job was applied. The supports are light blue along the entire ride. The track in the final brake run, station, and from the station to the top of the first drop, is also painted light blue, but the inversions are painted yellow and the track on the first drop, turn between the corkscrews, and final helix are all painted orange. In late 2021, the ride received yet another repaint. Multiple colors were put on the track to see how they would look. The supports are white and the entire track is turquoise blue.

After the 2019 season, Carolina Cyclone received new trains from another Arrow Dynamics looping coaster, the defunct Vortex at Kings Island.


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