Rollie's Coaster Roller Coaster (Morey's Pier - Wildwood, New Jersey) - 4k Roller Coaster POV Video - Seaside Steel Coaster
  • 2 years ago
Rollie's Coaster is a steel sit-down roller coaster on Mariners Landing Pier at Morey's Piers in Wildwood, New Jersey. Built in 1999 by the now defunct Pinfari to substitute for the older Zyklon rollercoaster which was on the pier since 1979, the track is colored orange and it seats four per car. The Rollies Coaster model is a different model than the original Zyklon. In the winter of 2009 the Rollies Coaster was moved backwards to make room for the new ghost ship. When they moved the Rollies Coaster backwards they also got a new station.