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2 months ago

Children Are More Inclined to Success When Living in the Right Environment

CNN reports a healthy home life and strong family bonds could boost a child's chance at a healthy future, a new study finds.
Experts say previous studies have found healthy family connections decrease the chances of poor future outcomes for children.
But the most recent study on family connections finds family bonds could equate to positive future outcomes for children.
"What was different about this study was it showed that family connection is associated with thriving and not just surviving or avoiding harm." Dr. Robert Whitaker, lead study author, via CNN
Researchers surveyed more than 37,000 children in 26 different countries.
The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, found those who reported a strong bond with their family were more likely to find success.
The study found children with strong bonds to their families were more than 49% more likely to find success than those with little to no family connection.
The children who received the highest marks in the study live in comfortable environments, usually with non-divorced parents.
"A good life entails having a sense of purpose and meaning, which is what the flourishing scale in this study measured." Elaine Resse, professor of psychology University of Otago, via CNN
"If children experience healthy trusting relationships early, they are more likely to establish healthy trusting relationships as adults." Kelly-Ann Allen, devolepmental psychologist Monash University, via CNN