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Indiana Jones Roller Coaster (Disneyland Paris Theme Park - Paris, France) - 4k Roller Coaster POV Video

Mike Invades The World
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is a roller coaster attraction at Disneyland Paris Theme Park. It opened in July 1993. Based on the Indiana Jones films, guests are taken on an adventure riding in a mining train through a lost temple. The attraction was sponsored by Esso.

The track layout of the attraction is based on the layout of the first looping roller coaster built by the Pinfari company. Pinfari called this a TL-59, the TL stands for "The Loop" and the 59 is for the ride's 59m width. This Intamin version copies the course but uses a track style which is unique to Intamin.

The style and basic design of this attraction was used as the inspiration and basis for the Tokyo DisneySea coaster Raging Spirits.


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