10 months ago

Trey Gowdy ROASTS Madison Cawthorn's ALLEGATIONS on Congress

Dr. Punugupati Srikanth
Trey Gowdy: "My question for the congressman is simply this. Who give us the names? If you're being invited to cocaine parties, my colleagues tell us who invited you, who used illicit drugs in front of you, who broke very laws they pass and expect us to follow which of your colleagues thinks he or she is above the law?
Who is doubling as a deviant by night while talking about family values by day.

So stop with the nuance name the politicians or other officials who did drugs in front of you and invited you to se@ parties."

"Tim Scott's idea of a wild time was ordering dessert."

"John Ratcliffe would run an extra mile."

"Jim Jordan would do extra push ups. Kevin McCarthy. Now, he did take us to see movies, and one time he did order butter popcorn, if that counts."

"Joey Kennedy's nickname was milk because it was the strongest thing he drank."

"Jason Chaffetz didn't need milk because he wouldn't even drink coffee."

"And I hate to admit this, but Tulsi Gabbert did miss work because she was serving in the Army Reserves while she was also serving in Congress."

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