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Haj on Visit Visa | Change Visit or Umrah Visa into Haj Visa | Extension in Period of Umrah Haj Visa Is Hajj on Visit Visa Possible

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Haj on Visit Visa | Change Visit or Umrah Visa into Haj Visa | Extension in Period of Umrah Haj Visa
Is Hajj on Visit Visa Possible?
Change Visit or Umrah visa in Hajj Visa?

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وزٹ ویزے پر آنے والے حج کر سکتے ہیں؟
وزٹ یا عمرہ ویزہ کی حج ویزے میں تبدیلی؟
Question: Can a person coming on a visit visa perform Hajj?
The clear answer is that those coming on visit visa cannot perform Hajj. Obtaining a Hajj permit is subject to residency. In addition, Hajj visas are issued for those coming for Hajj abroad. In order to pay for Hajj, it is necessary to obtain a Hajj visa. According to the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Hajj, foreigners and Saudi nationals residing in the country are also bound by the rules and regulations. Under which Hajj permit is obtained according to the prescribed rules for payment of Hajj. No Saudi citizen can perform Hajj without a Hajj permit. To obtain Hajj permit, services are obtained by contracting with designated Hajj service providers. These include accommodation and food as well as transportation services. Keep in mind that it is not possible to convert a visit or Umrah visa into a Hajj visa. Nor those who come on the said visas are allowed to stay longer than the stipulated period.


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