What does it mean to dream about someone (specially someone you don’t know)?

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What does it mean to dream about someone (specially someone you don’t know)?
The people shown in your dream may represent one of your personality traits or aspects of what you want in your life. When someone appears in a dream, specially someone you don’t know it represents some personality traits that you would like to have or avoid in real life, this, depending on the context of how that someone made you feel in your dream.
The appearance of a certain person in your dream means that you are curious about your life with that person. You may be dreaming of an unknown person as your lover, which represents the desire for a new romance or increased passion in your life.

To dream of someone with authority or power like a teacher, boss or elder can mean that you seek their approval.

If you dream that you are in an intimate relationship with someone that you do not know it could mean that you have more passion and want to feel adventurous towards something. You are in the search of new emotions.

IN a dream, your subconscious mind gives a physical form to the emotions it wants your conscious mind to deal with, and therefore, that someone appearing in your dream is a reflection of dealing with the kind of emotions that he or she made you feel in the dream but in your real life.

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