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Blood dream meaning - Blood Dream meaning and dream interpretation (What does it mean to dream about blood?)

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What does dreaming about blood mean?
Blood dream meaning in islam, blood dream interpretation
Seeing blood can be quite scary for many.
what does it mean when we see blood in our dreams?
In this short video I will explain it to you.
First, note that everything in our dreams are symbols. Metaphors, elements that our subconscious use and shows for us to associate with its rational meaning. From that point of view, blood is a representation of our vital energy, our strength that life force.

If we see ourselves in a dream bleeding, this may indicate that we must strive for something, be focused on what we want. We should not waste this vital energy on things that do not need it.

This is not that we will end up being hurt us or that we will suffer some accident. This means that the time has come to face or fears, with total focus and without wasting our time and resources.

If we see the other’s blood, or appear to be in some bloody scenario, this could mean that we should not follow other’s people’s way. They have wasted a ton of themselves and we can learn from their mistakes so that we don’t go through their same path. Learning from others is the key here.
And finally, if you dream of some animal, beast, monster or some being that stalks you and ends up bleeding. This means that you should pay attention to your surroundings, because you fear being betrayed or fear that others may want to take advantage of you.

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