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5 months ago

Three cute Lion cubs playing at Renosterkoppies in Kruger National Park

Three cute lion cubs playing at Renosterkoppies in Kruger National Park

This morning safari was very special as we saw these 3 Lion cubs playing amongst the pride and suckling on their mother two big males and 3 females were present at the Renosters Koppies waterhole in Kruger National Park.

Lions cubs are not an everyday wildlife sighting in Kruger National Park. So lucky to see these youngsters and the other thing is that they were so relaxed and that we could watch them for a long period of time and these lions cubs played and were up to mischief.

They were jumping and biting the male lion and lioness and sometimes it looks actually annoying the adults was the best way to spend their time. Lion cubs must be the cute animal to see in the wild we normally get cubs in the winter season in Kruger National Park but they can be born any time as Lions do not have a season for giving birth.

But if we look at history sightings etc then we see it is normally in Winer time so that the cubs can be ready to start eating meat when the other animals have babies in the summer months.

Video by Bernhard and Hennie Bekker.

Sighting seen with Private Kruger Safaris guests.
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