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Stunning Lion sightings - Compilation by Private Kruger Safaris - seen in Kruger National Park, South Africa on safari.

This video shows some awesome moments seen on safari in Kruger National Park with Private Kruger Safaris. Sighings vary from Male and female lions drinking to a female lion carrying a cub in her mouth. Female trying to hunt and male lions roaring. All sightings were captured by Bernhard Bekker while leading safaris in an open safari vehicle.

Lions are not so difficult to find you just have to spend time and know what areas to scan to see them, but sighting can be hard in the summer months in winter and the dry season it is much easier to see these large cats in the African bush.

Their camouflage colouration works perfectly in the dry season so that they can stalk their prey in plain sight and wait for the element of surprise to turn in their favour.

Animals need to drink and when the waterhole or river is the only source of water then plains game animals will definitely have to come to the water and that is where the lions will be waiting for their unsuspected victims.

Male lions are very territorial and will defend their own cubs and females at any cost. When males take over other pride of females they normally kill the youngster or chance them out of the area to limit competition and access to the females.

Lioness do most of the hunting but is not really so that the male can come and feasts it is for the youngsters but what can the female do if the large males just take over their kill. They have to wait patiently to get their turn. So normally when the males are not around the females will go and open the carcass and then eat as quick as possible and take the organs as it is rich in protein.

I hope you enjoy the video clips and other lion videos on our channel make sure to watch them.

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Video by Bernhard Bekker
Nature & Wildlife Photography Guide in Kruger National Park

Enjoy these special safari moments in Kruger National Park as we did.

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