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AutoCAD class 50 in اردو / हिंदी, Editing Layers in AutoCAD Part 02, Add and Edit LAYERs, saqib,cad

Saqib ALi Chaudary
watch till the end.
Assalam O Alikum! this is AutoCAD class 50 in اردو / हिंदी.
In this Video I Am Going to Tell You guys all about layers used in AutoCAD. What is layer command.why we use layers in AutoCAD

The Main points that I will cover in this video are as following:

1-How do Layers work in AutoCAD?
2-How many layers are there in AutoCAD?
3-What is the command for layer in AutoCAD?
4-What is the layer? and How do you create layers in CAD?
5-How do Layers work?
6-How do you use layers effectively?
7-What is the importance of layer?
8-layers in AutoCAD definition
9-Add and Edit LAYERS

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