AutoCAD CLASS 73 | Creating Space For Windows in Floor Plan in CAD | floor plan windows in AutoCAD

2 years ago
watch till the end.
Assalam O Alikum! this is AutoCAD class 73 in Urdu/Hindi.
In this Video I Am Going to Tell You guys how we can make space between the walls of a floor plan in AutoCAD. How to Create space for windows in walls of a house plan.

The Main points that I will cover in this video are as following:
1-Floor Plan
2-House Plan Map in AutoCAD
3-Space Creation For windows in Walls
4-how to make space for windows in AutoCAD
5-Creation Space For windows in Walls of a floor plan
6-Creation Space For windows in Walls of a house plan in AutoCAD
7-Create Space in AutoCAD Drawing
8-Make Space in AutoCAD Drawing of Floor Plan