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Crypto News - Ethereum Could Rally to $10k by the End of 2021 - Bitcoin News

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In a recent interview, Magnetic CEO Megan Kaspar predicted that Ethereum will reach $10k by late 2021, as the evidence of stake design takes hold, which will attracted institutional financiers.

ETH has since reached a new record high of $3k in 5 months. In January, Kaspar anticipated the cryptocurrency will rise to $3k. She stated that investors were undervaluing ETH.

The expected switch to Proof-of-Stake (PoS), will have an extremely positive impact on ETH's price. According to her, several factors will be able to press ETH to the $8k to $10k mark.

Ethereum can be considered a green technology, the minute it switches to proof of stake for block validation.

The price of ETH could rise, as institutional financiers gather round it, if it becomes more environmentally friendly, Kaspar predicts.

If organizations decide to embrace Ethereum, she even predicted it may rise to $100,000.

In Kaspar's viewpoint, "institutions are required to buy sustainable technologies, which's what Ethereum is."

Because of this, she thinks ETH has an advantage over Bitcoin's proof-of-work network.

Kaspar is not alone in her prediction. Moreover, ETH is expected to increase to $10k, famous crypto YouTuber Sheldon Evans, likewise forecasted earlier this month.

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