Ripple Surpasses Ethereum to Become Second Most Valuable Cryptocurrency after Bitcoin

  • 7 years ago - Ripple, a cryptocurrency first established in 2012 has surpassed Ethereum to become the second most valuable cryptocurrency after bitcoin.Ripple's market cap rose more than 50% on Friday, to a record $85bn. Its market value continued to climb over the weekend, peaking at over $100bn.Ripple’s surge knocked Ethereum into third place after bitcoin, with a market cap of $72bn.Bitcoin’s market cap is roughly $220bn.Ripple rose in value by more than 19,600% over the course of 2017. It began the year trading at around $0.006 and ended at $1.97.Ripple’s gains in 2017 outstripped the gains of Ethereum and bitcoin, which rose by roughly 9,000% and 1,400%, respectively.