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Obsession - Korean Movie - Trailer

Filmow Once in a Lifetime (일기일회, il-gi-il-hoi)
Life is about living for a limited time. To Taku who thinks that travel is the only way to use time preciously, he had one rule. To reminisce about travel by using only one roll of film for one trip. The story of a Japanese, Taku's one film roll in Seoul.

Ill-Fated Relationship (악연, ak-yeon)
To Cheong-il, who spent a poor childhood under his smuggled Korean-Chinese parents, no matter how violent his father is, he followed him, believing he's 'God' in his world and that he might need him, too. However, after learning his father's true intentions, Cheong-il decides to commit suicide. He goes out to the streets and finds someone to die with.

Thanks (고마워요, go-ma-wo-yo)
To Jeon-sik who is an exhausted salesman because nothing seems to work, a phone call from an unfamiliar number arrives. He suddenly listens to the story of a young girl until the end even though he suspects it as voice phishing.

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