⚓️ Trip to Henley beach (Adelaide City in South Australia) _ AMIT DAHIYA VLOG

  • 3 years ago
Trip to #Henleybeach​ (Adelaide City in South Australia) | AMIT DAHIYA VLOG

Henley Beach is one of the most visited destinations in Adelaide. People use to spend their quality time and relax at Henley beach. There's is a lot to explore at Henley beach. You can go for swimming, fishing, or you can take a sunbath it's all up to you how you wish to spend your time. Henley Square is right on the beach and is a destination for locals because of refreshing location moreover, Henley beach is having a plethora of restaurants, cafe's and bars. Henley Beach is the perfect place for people of all ages you can easily find fountains for kids, Uniquely designed wave-shaped timber seats heading up to the jetty, Big grassed area for picnic and last but not the least a mind-blowing futuristic beach shower. You are also having other options to spend your time doing shopping or you can also go for a massage at Henley beach road. You can easily find a lot of massage shops. In this video, I tried my level best to cover almost all Henley beach. I hope you love it.

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