Explore Sydney Zoo with Amit Dahiya Travel Vlog #GenxTraveltube

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Tourist Destination:
Sydney Zoo
Address: 700 Great Western Hwy, Bungarribee NSW 2767 Australia
Time To Explore: 2-3 Hours
Open: 9am to 5 pm Every Day
Ticket around: $25 to $40 AUD
How to reach Sydney Zoo:
Directions to Sydney Zoo (Minchinbury - Bal) with public transport
The following transport lines have routes that pass near Sydney Zoo
Bus: 729
Train: T1
website: https://sydneyzoo.com/

Wiki: Sydney Zoo is a zoo in Bungarribee in the Western Sydney Parklands, in Greater Western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Sydney Zoo is located 38 kilometres (24 mi) west of the Sydney central business district. It occupies a 16.5-hectare (41-acre) site. Sydney Zoo is a member of the Zoos and Aquariums Association of Australia and New Zealand.

Animals You can watch:
Sydney Zoo's exhibit sizes exceed NSW Department of Primary Industries standards by an average of 2.6 times. Sydney Zoo includes approximately 30 exhibits and a variety of animal species including exotic and Australian animals. Species held include:

Southern African lion, Cheetah, African painted dog, Spotted hyena, Southern white rhinoceros, Dromedary camel, Giraffe, Plains zebra, Meerkat, Common ostrich.

Sumatran tiger, Asian mainland tiger (Bengal/Siberian), Sumatran, orangutan, Asian elephant, Water buffalo, Asian small-clawed otter, Red panda, Primate Precinct, The Curator of Primates is Louise Grossfeldt
Chimpanzee, Hamadryas baboon, Brown capuchin monkey (Capybara share exhibit), Australian Walkabout, Bare-nosed wombat, Dingo
Short-beaked echidna, Koala, Kangaroo Island grey kangaroo, Tasmanian devil, Swamp wallaby, Tammar wallaby, Yellow-footed rock wallaby, Emu,
Southern cassowary, Nocturnal Australia, Spotted-tailed quoll, long-nosed, potoroo, Bilby, Tasmanian brushtail possum (including golden-coated morph), Eastern ringtail possum, Yellow-bellied glider, Feathertail glider, Red-tailed phascogale, Spinifex hopping mouse, Greater stick-nest rat, Ghost bat.

Kidz Zoo:
Goat, Sheep

Reptile House
The Curator of Reptiles is Dr David Kirshner

Lace monitor, Mertens' water monitor, Heath monitor
Black-headed monitor, Centralian knob-tailed gecko, Northern spiny-tailed , gecko, Eastern water dragon, Burn's dragon, Central netted dragon, Boyd's, forest dragon, Frill necked lizard, Gidgee skink, Shingleback blue-tongue, skink, Scrub python, Centralian carpet python, Diamond python, Rough, scaled python, Green tree python, Common death adder, Tiger snake, Broad-headed snake, Inland taipan, Eastern brown snake, Red-bellied, black snake.

Australian green tree frog, Magnificent tree frog, Green and golden bell frog, Insects & Arachnids, Spiny rainforest katydid, Spiny leaf insect, Goliath stick insect, Giant burrowing cockroach, Flinders Range scorpion, Expected future zoo animals, Western lowland gorilla, Hippopotamus, Ring-tailed lemur, De Brazza's monkey, Coastal bearded dragon.