Coronavirus (COVID) Survivor with a Collapsed Lung Recounts his Battle Back

3 years ago
For John Fischer, 61, of Dover, New Hamshire, COVID-19 is something he never saw coming and because he never experienced typical COVID-19 symptoms, he honestly thought he was doing just fine. He had no idea he would soon become a coronavirus survivor.

John’s COVID-19 journey began in early April, after he found out that he was likely exposed to COVID-19. The State’s COVID hotline told him to self-monitor and self-quarantine because he didn’t have shortness of breath, headaches, sore throat, or the other “normal” symptoms.

A few days later he was pretty much incoherent. His son drove him to Wentworth-Douglass again where he was diagnosed with not only acute COVID-19, but also acute hypoxemic respiratory failure, acute hypertension, acute sleep apnea, and acute respiratory distress. John never felt short of breath, but when he arrived at Wentworth-Douglass his oxygen levels were very low.

John was at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital for almost two weeks and was discharged to Northeast Rehab Hospital. While he was waiting to be discharged from Northeast Rehab Hospital, he unfortunately suffered a collapsed lung due to COVID-19 damage and was rushed to Holy Family Hospital to have his lung repaired (a very painful four-hour surgery) where he stayed for two weeks to recover. In total, John spent 36 days admitted in COVID-19 isolation and nine days on a ventilator.

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