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Is a nasty red rash another coronavirus symptom to watch out for? How skin changes could help to identify people who should be tested
There are a growing number of reports of infected Covid-19 patients with rashes
Doctors also reported chilblains – red patches on toes and fingers - in patients
More research is needed to determine if skin conditions are linked to the virus
But if proven, it might be an important development in controlling the disease
Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

What Are 'COVID Toes'? Dermatologists Say Foot Lesions May Be New Coronavirus Symptom
The signs have mainly shown up in children and young adults—sometimes preceding other COVID-19 symptoms.
'COVID Toes' might be the latest unusual sign that people are infected with the novel coronavirus
"COVID Toes," purple and swollen toes that look like they've been frostbitten, may be the latest indication of coronavirus infection.
Coronavirus: What are ‘COVID toes,’ and what does it mean if you have it?

Coronavirus symptoms: Does your skin look like this? Warning symptom not to be ignored
CORONAVIRUS is the novel virus which creates a myriad of symptoms in the body. Recognising and understanding potential symptoms of the deadly virus is extremely pertinent during these times and noticing your skin changing could be a sign of coronavirus.
Acute Hemorrhagic Edema of Infancy after Coronavirus Infection with Recurrent Rash
Skin rashes possible symptom of coronavirus, experts say
Skin rashes could be another surprising symptom of the coronavirus, according to dermatologists and doctors.
WARNING SIGN Coronavirus patients suffering ‘nasty red rash’ before Covid-19 symptoms
Are Skin Rashes a Symptom of Coronavirus? Illinois Health Expert Weighs In
The list of potential coronavirus symptoms continues to evolve as knowledge about the virus grows, but new reports question if skin rashes could be a new indicator.
The Coronavirus Might Cause a Rash In Some People
Now Skin Rashes Could Be a Symptom of Coronavirus
Plus, how to tell the difference between a COVID-19 rash and a regular rash.
Rashes Might Be New COVID-19 Symptom

There are still so many mysteries surrounding the new coronavirus and now there's a new symptom that seems to be affecting younger patients, including children.

Painful skin rashes are emerging as a possible COVID-19 symptom.

Some appear before any other symptom. Others appear weeks after recovery, according to Grapevine dermatologist Dr. Sanober Amin.

Coronavirus: Always be vigilant, rash can occur on the body before symptoms
Corona virus: Foot blisters can also be the initial signs of infection

As the outbreak of corona increases, the type of symptoms are also changing rapidly. A study of physicians in the worst-affected Italy has shown that one in five patients may have body rash before symptoms occur.

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