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President Trump and New Attorney Generals have a plan?; US calls wiretapped through Caribbean phone networks

Eye Opener with Michael Lewis
Two key points for today; Trump and New Attorney Generals have a plan and US calls wiretapped through Caribbean phone networks! Will President Trump sit back and wait for his demise under the efforts of corrupt forces? Based on President Trump's character and past experience, I would say definitely not!

The first reason is that there is no path of retreat for President Trump . Ever since his successful campaign to become the president of the United States in 2016, he is destined to have no way back. He is leading the people, and forcing his way into the inner circle of power under the watchful eyes of predators in the Washington swamp. In four years, the corrupt forces that have been operating for at least a few decades in the past were torn apart by President Trump. He is loathed by the leftists when in office. What will happen if he leaves?

On December 15, Lin wood, cited an Epoch Times article "Editorial: At This Critical Time, President Trump Should Take Action”. He stated he was 100% confident that the president will take action and said ‘Trump is a genius. He has a plan’.

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