Weightloss breakfast smoothie _Healthy oats banana smoothie _ वज़न कम करने के लिए स्मूथी कैसे बनाये _

  • 4 years ago
Ingredients and its health benefits:
Hello friends,here i come with healthy oats banana breakfast smoothie.This breakfast smoothie will keep you full all the morning as it contains oats and banana.oats are full of fiber which results in creamy and extra filling smoothie.you can use any variety of oats but make sure you roast them for 2-3 minutes to make them easier to digest and to enhance its deep nutty taste.if you using instant oats make sure not to use sweetened or flavored oats.
Chia seeds are high source of fiber which also keeps you fuller for long time and promotes weight loss.
Peanut butter is good source of protein and healthy fat which makes smoothie more filling and healthy,just make sure to use unsweetened peanut butter of any brand of any variety in moderation.
Banana makes smoothie tastier,creamier and smooth. You can use fresh/frozen banana. Frozen banana will give you very thick,rich and creamy smoothie.
I have used almond milk which is lesser in calories compare to dairy milk but feel free to use any kind of milk.
Cinnamon supports weightliss and also gives nice taste to smoothie.
I added a tsn of honey which also helps in weight-loss, feel free to add more if you need extra sweetness.you can also add 3-4 dates instead of honey.
Also you can splash some vanilla extract if you want to.

1 banana(fresh/frozen)
१ केला(ताज़ा या फ्रोजेन)
2 Tbs roasted oats(unsweetened)
२ बड़े चम्मच भुने हुए ओट्स (उनस्वीटेनेड)
1 spoon peanut butter(unsweetened)
१ चम्मच पीनट बटर(उनस्वीटेनेड)
1 tsn chiaseeds
१ छोटा चम्मच चिआ सीड्स
1/4 tsn cinnamon powder
१/४ छोटा चम्मच दालचीनी पाउडर
1 spoon honey
१ चम्मच शहद
1 cup Almond/Dairy milk(250ml)
१ कप दूध(२५० मि.ली.)
Ice cubes(optional)
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