Full Version Stop Politically Driven Education: Subverting the System to Build a New School
  • 4 years ago
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On these pages is a call to action for teachers who have been shackled by the self-serving motives of agenda driven politicians. Here we present a new innovative process designed to prepare children to be productive members of their community. Students are empowered to take charge of their educational lives where thinking is valued above obedience, and their parents are respected as full partners in the process. The greatest challenge to educators in this decade is to prepare children to rise above the confirmation bias and embrace critical thinking. In this day of continuous propaganda from many directions, everything requires in depth thinking, research and processing. Change won't come from the top! The time has come to go underground to subvert the system from the bottom up. We infuse creative ideas while providing a pattern for systemic change that empowers teachers allowing them to take back their profession. Teachers are the saviors who are in the position to expand children's minds to the stars and beyond, giving them hope that they will make the world a better place. It is time to take a risk for children by subverting the system with the goal of true, whole child education.