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Eagle-Eyed 5-Year-Old Helps Cops Nab Ring-Tailed Lemur Thief

Wochit Tech
Wochit Tech
Newser reports a 5-year-old boy now has a lifetime membership at the San Francisco Zoo.
The membership came as a thank-you from zoo officials for helping police nab a thief who stole Maki, an arthritic 21-year-old lemur.
Five-year-old James Trinh left his preschool Thursday in Daly City, about 5 miles from the zoo, and spotted the primate.
There's a lemur! There's a lemur! James Trinh
Maki ran from the school's parking lot and hid in a miniature playhouse on the playground.
The school called police who quickly alerted animal control and zoo officials, who eventually coaxed the lemur into a transport cage.
Police said Friday they took 30-year-old Cory McGilloway into custody on a variety of charges both related and unrelated to the theft.