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2 years ago

Nep MUGEN: Renewed Serenity

Nep Heart
Currently in the much needed process of revamping older characters and the current one in the works for that is Hotaru Futaba. Here, she'll be taking on three characters who have AI designed by Thentavius to put her to the test. Speaking of who, big thank to Thentavius for creating my new intro that will serve for my future videos, which was something also much needed as well.

1. Hotaru Futaba (Nep Heart) vs Yui Hirasawa (Dissidia)
2. Hotaru Futaba (Nep Heart) vs Towa Yuhazaki (Chotto Komaru)
3. Hotaru Futaba (Nep Heart) vs Hitoshura (YUUKI_in_SLASH)

1. The Cavern Pool by Electro

1. Aqua Tunnerl 2 from Freedom Planet