3D-Printed Steaks And Hypercars; Starbucks Joins Social Ad Boycott | Digital Trends Live 6.29.20

On Digital Trends Live today: Joining us on the show today is Giuseppe Scionti, the CEO and Founder of Novameat, a company working on 3D-printed plant-based steaks; Ronan Glon discusses the Czinger 3D-printed hypercar that will go 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds and set you back $1.7 million; Riley Winn discusses the future of public transportation during the pandemic; Drew Prindle comes on for Awesome Tech You Can't Buy Yet and the best tech-ish crowdfunding projects from around the interwebs; In the news: Starbucks joins the social ad boycott protesting unmoderated hate speech on social platforms; Twitter is adjusting its fact-checking label algorithm as hitting to many false positives; Amazon workers in Germany are going on strike today protesting COVID-19 working conditions; The popular driving app Waze is getting a user interface makeover; Popular Twitch streamer DrDisrespect has yet to receive an official reason for being banned from the platform; and if you love Prince and TikTok, your world just became complete with short form Purple Rain.