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खजुराहो मंदिर का ऐसा रहस्य जिसे देखकर खुली रह जायेंगी आपकी आखें Khajuraho Temples {Raw & Unfiltered}

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In this video you will get a tour of Khajuraho Temples campus. These temples are located in Chhatarpur District, Madhya Pradesh. This is Raw footage and unfiltered so you will experience like real.
The history of Khajuraho is almost a thousand years old. This city was the first capital of the Chandel empire. The Chandel dynasty and the founder of Khajuraho were Chandravarman. Chandrapuran was the Rajput king who ruled in Bundelkhand during the medieval period. They used to consider themselves as Chandra Dynasty. Chandel kings ruled in central India from tenth to twelfth century
The temples of Khajuraho were built between 950 AD and 1050 AD by these Chandel kings. Please tell that the daughter of Kashi's son-in-law, Hemwati was the master of beauty. One day he was bathing in the pond full of lotus flowers in the summer night. Seeing her beauty, Lord Chandra was fascinated by them. They came to earth on human form and defeated Hemaivati
But unfortunately Hemvati was a widow and she was the mother of a child. They accused Chanddev of destroying his life and abducted his character. For the repentance of his mistake, Chandra Deo promised Hemvati that she would be the mother of a brave son.

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