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Instant रवा डोसा | सूजी डोसा | Instant Suji Dosa Recipe In Hindi | South Indian Recipe | Chef Deepu

सूजी डोसा | रवा डोसा | Instant Dosa | Suji dosa Recipe | Rava Dosa Recipe In Hindi | South Indian Recipe In Hindi |
Instant Dosa Recipe In Hindi | Instant Rava Dosa | Swaad Anusaar | Desi Videsi With Chef Deepu

हमारे शेफ दीपू के साथ जानिए, सूजी / रवा से डोसा बनाने का तरीका।
Learn how to make instant Dosa by using Rava with our chef Deepu Alamchandani.

This Dosa recipe is an Instant Dosa recipe that can be made with few ingredients. It is easy to make and quick. You can have this instant dosa for breakfast or take it for lunch box or tiffin or snacks. This isn't Rava Recipe however rava is used as an ingredient for preparing process.

(Serves 2)

For Preparation Batter:
1 Cup semolina (Rava)
4 Tbsp Wheat Flour
1/2 tsp Baking soda
1 cup Curd

Oil or Ghee or Butter
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