What is Teleportation in Bangla | কিভাবে টেলিপোর্টেশন করবেন নিজেকে ??? Science & Fiction Bangla

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What is teleportation in bangla ? How does teleportation work ? কিভাবে টেলিপোর্টেশন করবেন নিজেকে ??? Teleportation is an amazing concept of science fiction. How does teleportation work?. Is Teleportation ever be possible? Fully explained in Bengali or Bangla in a very simple way....

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Quantum Mechanics is one of the most successful theory ever discovered by physicists. And teleportation is a theory in quantum mechanics. Teleportation or teletransportation is the theoretical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. Many scientists and researchers have already teleported photons. But, is it possible to teleport a human? How much time will it take? Theoritically, it is possible to do that but practically, we need to wait for the invention of the devices that can teleport a human being.

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