Is Time Travel Possible In Bangla ? Amazing Ways Explained Simply- Part 2| টাইম ট্রাভেল এর রহস্য !!! Science & Fiction Bangla

  • 4 years ago
In this video I have explained Is Time Travel Possible In Bangla ? amazing ways to time travel by hibernation, body preservation, artificial intelligence etc. in a very simple manner. This video is fully elaborated in Bengali or Bangla. সময় যাত্রার উপায় বাংলা ভাষায় !!! টাইম ট্রাভেল রহস্য !!!

Time travel is a fascinating topic for all the people. Here I mentioned how time travel can be possible in future rather than traveling at the speed of light, or to orbit black hole or go through worm hole which I explained in my previous video. Watch it fully to understand this Part 2 video. Science & Fiction

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