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2 years ago

Monkey snatches bag filled with money and starts raining it down on people in north India

A monkey managed to grab a bag filled with money and started showering the notes onto passersby and two people thronged to gather the money.

On September 30, a monkey in Sehsawan area of Badaun district, Uttar Pradesh, ran away with a money bag belonging to a man named Atar Singh and climbed a tree before tearing it open.

The monkey took out some notes from the bag and started showering them on the gathering crowd. Atar Singh and one of his aides then climbed the tin shed to catch the monkey.

In order to persuade the monkey to drop the bag, people threw food towards him but the monkey refused to give it up.

According to Atar Singh he had 65,000 rupees in his bag, which he had brought for some work, adding: "I only got 57,000 rupees back."
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