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Full E-book The Popular Mechanics Essential Survival Guide: The Only Book You Need in Any

Popular Mechanics
'?ultimate survival manual will teach you?the essential skills to protect your family, save yourself, and conquer any possible danger. ? In an emergency, would you know how to survive?to purify water, jump-start a car, escape a flood or fire, forage for firewood, protect your family? Whether the threat is low or the risk is apocalyptic, Popular Mechanics can help you handle it with lifesaving?advice for dangerous situations. Crucial information on how to handle the critical decisions you might face both immediately and in the long term will help you not only survive, but thrive in the aftermath of any disaster. Also includes expert tips on must-have equipment to keep on hand as well as many dramatic survival stories (including lessons from a dog sledder and the account of a helicopter pilot who crashed into the icy waters of the Arctic). For Online