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The Essential Air Fryer Cookbook: The Only Book You Need for Your Small, Medium, or Large Air

Unleash the power of your air fryer with this comprehensive air fryer bible, featuring 300+ recipes designed for every size, brand, and model, from the authors of the bestselling Instant Pot Bible. Welcome to the air fryer revolution. More than 7 million Americans use air fryers to make the crispiest French fries or crunchiest chicken tenders without the mess or health concerns of deep-frying. But your air fryer can also sear a rib-eye steak in half the time it takes to heat up the grill, roast perfect vegetables, and reheat leftovers while putting your microwave to shame.Only The Essential Air Fryer Cookbook can show you how to make the most of this versatile kitchen appliance, for every meal of the day. Each of the 300-plus recipes gives ingredients and timings for every size of air fryer (from small 2-quart models to 10-quart ones), plus extra recipes to make each dish a complete, delicious meal.This comprehensive air fryer bible will help you make delicious roasted chicken and healthy vegetable sides, decadent desserts, delightful snacks, and crispy wings and tenders that beat take-out by a mile. And air-frying experts Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough offer customized ingredient lists and timings alongside clear, easy-to-follow directions that will have you cooking like a pro, no matter your skill level.You'll enjoy:Kale ChipsBetter-Than-Chinese-Take-Out Orange ChickenHearty Roasted Vegetable SoupCauliflower-Crust PizzaCrispy Ranch Chicken ThighsFried Green TomatoesJalape?o PoppersPerfect BroccoliniEasy CarnitasShrimp TeriyakiZucchini FriesBlueberry CrispChewy Coconut CakeFried OreosAnd more!