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ChinesePod Today: Drone Attack Hits Saudi Oil Pipeline (simp. character)

ChinesePod Today - simp.
ChinesePod Today - simp.
Learn Chinese with ChinesePod News (May 15, 2019)

A drone strike allegedly coordinated by Iranian-allied Houthi rebels in Yemen hit a Saudi oil pipeline on Tuesday. The drone attack occurred less than two days after the sabotage of two Saudi oil tankers in the Persian Gulf. Tensions in the region are rising as the U.S. reimpose economic sanctions against Iran, Saudi Arabia’s regional rival.

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NOTE: This video features SIMPLIFIED characters, which are used in Mainland China. For viewers studying the form of written Chinese used in Hong Kong and Taiwan (traditional), the traditional-character version of this story (alongside all others of ChinesePod Today) is available at https://youtu.be/_GOSxbBYVz8

This ChinesePod Today news broadcast includes the following vocabulary:

设施 facilities
收紧 to tighten
制裁 sanctions
供给 to supply

Editor's Note: Yemen can be also translated to 葉門

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