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3 years ago

News X: Hijacking of Indian Airlines plane IC-814: IC-814 the avoidable tragedy

Hijacking of Indian Airlines plane IC-814: The hijacking of an Air India international flight IC-814 on its way from Kathmandu to New Delhi to Kandhar in Afghanistan and release of three militants including a Pakistani national could have been prevented in December 1999.

This has been claimed in a news telecast by a television channel NewsX here today. The channel also carried the version of the whistle-blower, who claimed to have given this information about the conspiracy to Meghalaya government at least 84 days in advance.

The channel claimed that despite having information about the conspiracy being hatched to hijack an Indian passenger aircraft by the militants, the central government headed by National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in New Delhi allowed this to happen.

The television channel claimed that no investigation was conducted on the information given to the Chief Secretary of Meghalaya government. The then Chief Secretary of Meghalaya, who was called up by the news anchor of the television channel simply said that anybody can claim to have this information and he did not know when and where this information was given.

The channel claimed that during the hijacking of Air India flight IC-814, the entire nation was held hostage for seven grueling days. 84 days before the tragedy a whistleblower sent a written warning to the Meghalaya government about a conspiracy being hatched to hijack Indian planes from Nepal.

The warning even outlined how foreign agents were working with a network of Indian traitors to execute the hijacks. It even outlined how arms would be smuggled abroad the aircraft in Kathmandu but the warning was ignored.

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