5 years ago

Baby elephant rescued after cruelly spending months with rope binding its foot

A three-year-old elephant was finally treated after conservationists in Thailand removed a nylon rope that was cutting into his foot for the last four months.

The wild male pachyderm was seen by locals limping on his own, having become lost from the herd yesterday morning (November 21) in a forest Chanthaburi, south Thailand.

Conservationists mobilised a rescue team and tracked the young one for two hours, before finally getting close enough to inject it with two slow-acting tranquilliser needles.

The wildlife workers used long pieces of bamboo to prop up the elephant which stayed in a state of drowsiness, while one man severed the rope from its foot.

They removed the offending piece of nylon that was cutting into the animal's foot, causing infection. It is believed to have been stuck there for at least four months.

Krittapon Khumnonchai, from the Si Racha conservation area management office, said: ''Villagers reported to us that an elephant was walking with an injured leg. After two hours of searching we found the baby elephant, with a limp of its front right foot.

"The team made a plan to shoot the elephant with a tranquilliser, but we were able to get close enough to use two needles which caused him to relax. We did not not him to fall down, in case he injured himself.

''A vet examined the wound caused by the rope. The flesh was rotting and infected, so this was treated with antiseptic. We think it had been like this for about four months.''

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