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3 years ago

Egg Frankie Roll Recipe - How To Make Egg Stuffed Frankie - Easy Snack Recipe - Neha

Learn how to make Egg Stuffed Frankie at home with Chef Neha Naik on Get Curried.

Egg Frankie Roll is a delicious snack recipe that is loved by all. This snack is made by stuffing ingredients like boiled eggs, onion, potato mixture and sauce inside a roti. So, try out this mouth watering and lip smacking dish and enjoy it with your friends and family. Do send us your feedback in the comments below.

For the Rotis:
¼ cup refined flour
½ cup whole wheat flour
1 tsp oil
Salt to taste
1 tsp oil for kneading
Water as required

For the Stuffing
1 ½ tbsp oil
1 ½ tsp ginger garlic paste
2 large boiled, peeled and mashed potatoes
¾ tsp chilli powder
¼ tsp garam masala
½ tsp chaat masala
Handful of chopped coriander
Salt to taste
3 Hard boiled eggs

For the sprinkling
1 tsp amchur powder (dried mango) or 1 tbsp lemon juice or 2 tbsp vinegar
½ tsp chilli powder
¼ tsp garam masala
Salt to taste
¼ cup of water

Grated cheese, optional
Tomato ketchup, optional
Chaat masala to sprinkle
Raw onions, finely chopped

In a bowl add together refined flour, whole wheat flour, salt to taste, oil and water. Mix all the ingredients together and start kneading.
Once done, cover it with a damp cloth and let it rest for 10 minutes.
In a pan heat some oil, add the ginger garlic paste and sauté.
Add potatoes, salt, red chilli powder, garam masala, chaat masala, chopped coriander and once cooked, turn off the flame.
Deshell the eggs, Chop them into small pieces. Add to the potato mix and combine well.
Knead the dough again using 1 tsp of oil and make equal sized balls of the dough. Take a ball and roll it into a flat round shape with rolling pin.
Place this on a heated pan and cook on both sides using little to no oil. Take it off the flame.
For assembling, sprinkle some grated cheese, place a cylindrical shape of potato mixture. Add chopped onions. Sprinkle the water mixture. Roll the frankie and serve with tomato ketchup.
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