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3 years ago

Hilarious moment men use rope to operate broken windscreen wipers in heavy rain

This is the amusing moment two men used a rope to operate the broken windscreen wipers of their truck.

Jing Krittayakorn, 20, and pal Tea Kittyot, 20, were driving the beaten-up old pick-up truck in Sa Kaeo, Thailand yesterday (August 19).

With heavy monsoon rain they faced a treacherous commute between farms in the 30-year-old vehicle.

That was until quick-thinking Jing used a tatty-old red rope to tie the wipers - which he then looped through both front windows.

While Jing was driving, his friend Tea was tasked with manually operating the single wiper.

Jing said: ''It wouldn't have been safe to drive with a broken wiper.

''We made this limited edition windscreen. We weren't driving far. So this was the best we could do until we could fix the truck.''

The 30-year-old Isuzu TFR needs dozens of improvements and is unlikely to pass an MOT by western standards.

But Jing said they will keep doing ''whatever it takes'' to keep the trusty pick-up truck on the road.

He added: ''There are lots of unusual ways to fix a car and keep them working. We will keep this car alive for as long as we can. I don't think this truck will impress many girls, but it has been good for us.''